Monday, December 24, 2007

Book signing

My book signings on Saturday were awesome!
I learned a few things:
* Two signings in one day is tough
* Two hours is long enough
* Listening is more important than talking
* Smile and make eye contact
* Prepare answers ahead of time
* Five cups of coffee without taking a break
can become very uncomfortable!
I really had fun, and I am much more prepared for next time. I sold 20 books in one day, which is absolutely amazing! Thanks to everyone who was there!


Yumanbing said...

I'm glad I stopped by your book signing. With your attractive, professional appearance and warm personality, I'm not the least bit surprised at your success. I'll be spending the next couple of days enjoying your book!

Jerry Pat Bolton said...

Hello, I saw your blog on your Authors Den site and thought I would pay you a visit . . . I would say that selling twenty books was a good day all right . . . I hate book signings, probably because mine haven't go over so well . . . Take care . . . Jerry