Wednesday, August 19, 2015

This morning I was considering my purpose for "Confessions of a Gifted Kid"
Do I feel the need to expose my innermost fears and vulnerabilities to the world? - NO
Do I need sympathy and the world to "understand" me? -no
Truthfully, my passion is for kids. Although proponents of gifted education have had to fight to maintain services for many years, the recent movement to eradicate the gifted program and honors classes from public education is alarming. I could expound for hours on the public misperceptions of the qualifications, characteristics, and needs of gifted students; however, I choose to be brief.
Gifted students need:
Socio-emotional support and guidance
Connection with like-minded peers
Acadmic challenge
Career and occupational guidance
Without these necessary provisions, one of our greatest resources may be lost. Gifted students are academics, inventors, creative thinkers and problem solvers. With the coming trials that our nation will face, we need the minds of gifted students. If we continue on the path to destroy the current support system for these students, based on a misguided denotation of equality, we will destroy the foundation of a nation originally built by gifted human beings.
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