Sunday, January 6, 2008

4 Star Review!

January Reviews

larger image Tara's Forgotten Son
Author: Lana Mowdy

Wade Hampton Hamilton is the unsung hero in a classic American novel, A Spin off of “Gone with the Wind”. A child conceived at the start of civil anguish, he fights to defeat the ordeal of military, desertion, and near malnourishment. When his mother takes him to Tara, he discovers seclusion, but he is soon propelled into adulthood when he shelters his love Emily from her violent father. As he wrestles to keep her from neglect, he combats the forces of character in the uncultivated West, the trickery of a disdained female, and his passionate yearning to preserve his honor. Bearing the blemish of defeat and fabrication, he realizes his skill to be liberated from the embrace of his plagued history, his scheming mother, and the forces of injustice that toil alongside him. Still, he strives for tranquility, absolution, and the vigor to live.

Great Read!

ISBN: 1-60441-556-8

Reviewer: Tabitha

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