Thursday, January 15, 2009

A New Word

Over the past few months I have started delving deeply into the bible. When I began, I was looking specifically for things I should do and not do. I wanted to find a formula for living that would guarantee a better life. I wanted rules that would guide me.
I have to admit that I am legalistic by nature. I like rules, making rules, and following rules. Rules create order, and I like order.
However, as I have studied, I have found some wonderful things that have to be shared. I have found such freedom from rules and in return, an indescribable peace. I hope that as I share the things that I have learned, whoever is reading this will benefit and find their own peace, inspired by the Word of God.


kchastain1 said...

I would love to get a copy of your book "Tara's Forgotten Son" for my collection. I am a huge Gone With the Wind fan. My son, who is due to arrive in May, will be named after Wade Hampton.


Lana Mowdy said...

Tara's Forgotten Son... unforgotten
Tara's Forgotten Son was published a little over a year ago. Not long after it was published, the lawyers who own the copyright for Gone With the Wind asked me to remove the book from the publishing house and from retailers. I have avoided writing about this because it was terribly upsetting, frustrating, and embarrasing.
In the first place, I researched copyright laws, and as I understood the law, I used Gone With the Wind under the fair use policy. In no way did I copy any words from GWTW. I embellished characters, continuing the story that the book left untold.
I have thought about retelling the story without using any characters from GWTW, and even changing the location. However, Wade would not be authentic without the setting and events that occurred during his young life. Finally, I have not written anything since because of the frustration of the situation.
If I had completely checked the publisher, I would have known that PublishAmerica disguises themselves as a traditional publisher when in all actuality, it is a self publishing firm.
People are still asking me about the book. Unfortunately, I have to say that Tara's Forgotten Son should be forgotten because as far as I can see, it will never be placed on a retailer's shelf.